Veterans of Foreign Wars Motorcycle Group of Texas 

Message from the VFWMGTX Chairman Marlin "Horse" Howse

Hello Comrades,

Thought I would get this message out to everyone.  If some of addresses are incorrect, please forward them to the current Unit officers.
I hope everyone enjoyed Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  As I was traveling around I saw plenty of good stuff going on and liked all the actions I saw going around in the Group.  With the Chistmas/New Year Holidays and the hectic schedules they create coming up, I would like to personally complicate your events (LOL).  

Actually, just have a few things of import I would like to remind everyone of:

1.  "Price of Freedom" Texas Monument is scheduled to be unveiled on the 2nd of December (this weekend) in Austin.  I would like to remind everyone of the importance of this monument to the veterans residing here in Texas.  This link http://texaswarmemorial. com/can take you to the gouge sheet on the formalities.  Barring any unforseen agendas, I plan on being in attendance.  The Texas VFW and its Posts donated quite a bit of coin to this project and I would like to see a bunch of riders present (in vests and hats if possible) to let everyone know we think it is an important monument.  There is stuff going on the 1st as well.  I know everyone can't make it due to distance and such, but a good showing would be beneficial.  Let me know of those who will be attending and we'll group up.

2.  The Texas VFW Mid Winter is coming up on the 24th through the 28th.  MG meeting is scheduled for 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Saturday, 1/27/2018.   Here is a link to the straight skinny upcoming-events.  Units are required to have 2 delegates at this meeting and Units are authorized (and encouraged) to help out Unit delegates with expenses.  I'll leave how much up to your Unit.  This is a mandatory meeting.  There are a number of big events coming up on the venue.  Picking the site for the 2018 year's All-State Meet will be a hot topic.  Units interested in hosting this event need to have their plan ready to discuss in front of the Group Membership.  After all have given their brief a vote to choose the site will be taken.
Additionally, I will be introducing candidates for the position of Group State Chairman to the COA and prospective Commander's at the mid-winter COA meeting.  If you have a desire to bring some fresh ideas to the Group, this is your chance.  You must identify your entire staff at the mid-winter.

3.  If anyone is interested in hosting a Commander's Run, I need to have the time and a primary and alternate date you wish to hold one on. These dates have to be bounced against the Commander's (including Sr and Jr Vice Commanders) to get a good date.

4. I would like to remind everyone that the annual maintenance fees are due by Dec 31st.

5. Update your Officer reports if the info is old or you've had changes.

6.  Remember, using the Community Service Reporting system on the Texas VFW website is the way to get your hours reported to Group and State Staff.  Give me the opportunity to brag on y'alls efforts.  I really love going in and letting everybody know what their Group is doing.

Not much really, just shooting out some reminders on these items as deadlines are approaching.  I want to wish everyone safe riding and a Merry Holiday season as we gird for the Season.  Have some fun and enjoy the seasonal riding.

Very Respectfully,
Marlin "Horse" Howze
Texas VFW

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Motorcycle Group (VFWMG) of Texas is sponsored

by a Post of the VFW Department of Texas.

●  A family-oriented organization dedicated to the ideals of the VFW of the United States

●  Formed for the betterment of communication and camaraderie between other Veterans' organizations, communities, and motorcycle groups

●  Promotes interest in various forms of motorcycle activites that promote membership and any programs sponsored by the VFW

●  Encourages a better understanding of motorcycle riding as a constructive sport among the public, law enforcement agencies, and other Veterans' organizations

●  Members must be of good character and meet all eligible requirements and be a member in good standing of the VFW.