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This is a Heads Up...Please pass along!

Funeral for Trike Mike will be this coming Thursday, 25 May at VA Cemetery in Abilene at 1300. 
  For those who would like to escort the Hearse from North's Funeral Home out to the cemetery...we will meet at 12:00 at 242 Orange St, Abilene, TX 79601.
The easiest way to the funeral home is to come down Grape Street to North 3rd, Head east for two blocks and on the SE corner of Beech and N.3rd is a parking lot with lines for vehicles to park. We will be lining up there for the procession. We would like to have all the flag bikes leading the hearse with the rest bringing up the rear.

 Upon completion of Funeral services; we will ride back to Post 6873 for a memorial service to honor Mike and to place his tag on our memorial bench. Finger food and Iced tea will be served. 

Russ Brown Abilene TX

This morning brings us sad news … Trike Mike from Abilene passed away around 5 am. Our brothers from Abilene want to send a heartfelt thank you for the prayers and camaraderie during this time. He is being taken to a local funeral home and will be transported back to Abilene soon. Arrangements are being made and will be posted as soon as made available. Please keep our Abilene family in your prayers.

Additionally, add this to the message end from me:
Mike was an important figure in the startup of the VFWMGTX in that he formed up Unit 2, the 2nd Unit in the Group.  A long time member of the VFW as well as the Group, Mike will be missed by his family and our Comrades throughout the state.  Efforts are under way to ensure the family understands the VFW's appreciation for his service and loyalty throughout the years.  I encourage our Units to keep Mike and his family in your prayers and thoughts, information to send cards or honorariums can be found on our memstat and websites, or call me, the Chaplain, or the Group Secretary for more information.

Thank you for the support shown at All-State for a fellow brother.


Marlin "Horse" Howze
Texas VFW

Hello Everyone,

It is with extremely heavy heart that I tell everyone that Trike Mike from Unit 7-6873 of Abilene passed away this morning in Scott White Hospital in Waco.

As most know Mike was in an accident on the All State meeting last month.  He was up talking with brother yesterday and the doctors were making plans for rehab. 
We do not have all of the information at this time.

For those who did know him well, let me tell you a little bit about how I know him.  We first met at the Abilene Post where we finished up the first State Commander’s Ride at Past State Commander, Big John’s homecoming.  That was the birth place of the VFW Motorcycle Group.  After we all rolled in a convoy of bikes and motorhomes Mike was the first to come greet us and welcome us to the Post of which he was a life member of.  Once all of the leg work was complete and paperwork and approvals in place and the Charter Unit was started it was Trike Mike waiting first in line to start Unit #2.  He started with all of the enthusiasm of a man with a new idea.  His goal was to help the Post and have a building for the Unit that they could call home.  Shortly after he was very excited to find out that his brother could join even though he did not live in the area.
He was our first out of state member, but he always made it down for 2 meetings a year to abide by the guidelines.

We only rode with Trike Mike on one ride and that was in the Alvarado area for a Commander’s Run.  It was obvious that he loved riding and it was in his blood.
Norm and I are so sorry to hear of his passing and will keep the family in our prayers and thoughts and ask that everyone else do the same.

We ask that all of the Units be on standby for a honor ride should that family request it.  I will get more information out once I get it.

Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly,

Judy Brawner
VFWMG State Secretary
VFWMG Supply Officer
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